School Year 2020-2021 Top students

What advice would you give students who will be in your class next year?

As a first-generation student in GVA, I have few pieces of advice I found useful for the younger generation. Firstly, to the new 12th graders next year, your result doesn’t determine who you are. A famous quote I found on the internet is “a single sheet of paper does not decide your future”. I clearly understand the pressure you receive from your surroundings concerning your result of the national exams. Try your very best, be committed, and disciplined as you set up a study schedule at the start of the year. This will guarantee that you will make it through. However, I don’t encourage all of you to fully focus on school regarding the national exam. I regretted things I should’ve done when I have the chance until I found out it’s too late for me.

Your participation in outside activities matters. Likewise, you don’t get better competing with other people in your class. Make time to compete in public tournament, participate in volunteering activities, community service, charities…etc. There are plenty of things you get to learn from these activities that you don’t learn at school. These experiences/achieve-ments will be important for you when you start applying for scholarship or colleges locally and abroad. Lastly, to every junior starting their new school year, be prepared and ready. Despite having to learn online again this year, I highly recommend to list down all the problems you encounter. This this will lead to problem solving and solutions that will help you study peacefully.

-Ratanak Prathna Pitou Grade 12, Top 1

Moreover, to overcome dis-traction during class, I suggest moving other electronic devi-ces away, close browser tabs and try your very best to focus for one period of class. Take a break during recess and bring something to eat to keep you up in class. I believe everyone will get used to this new way of learning, brace yourself because we are moving into the technology phase.


Rathana SopheaSerey Vong,  Oern Panhayuth and Ratanak Prathna Pitou (left to right) during the photoshoot for the school banner.

I have some advice for students who will be entering Grade 11 next year.

– Do not be lazy to study

– Study hard

– Do not despair if you fail. One failure does not mean you will fail later.

– Do Not Give Up

– Try to create a personal schedule to study more at home, such as doing homework


Seng Menghour, Grade 11, Top1

The advice that I would give students who will be in Grade 10 next year are:

– Pay attention while teachers are explaining, take notes and you should have the courage to ask teachers whenever you

don’t understand any of the points. Please don’t keep it to yourself. It will make you feel uneasy and it will affect your studies.

– Self learn at least 1 hour a day. It’ll help you to stay motivated and also help you to understand and remember the lessons even better.

– Find more exercises and learn how to solve it yourself.


Vissavatey Sophana, Grade 10 Top 2

The advice I would give to new 11th graders are: study hard but not too much so you don’t feel stressed, don’t pressure yourself, make a good schedule, take time to relax, and always pay attention in class.

Visaybon Sophana

For those who are starting 9th grade this school year of 2021-2022, I suggest that you start preparing for the diploma exam from the start of the year–pay attention in class, review your notes often, deal with lessons that you don’t understand and so on. But I would say focus on the important lessons and points in the lesson instead of trying to study everything in every sub-ject. Do practice exams often. But also, don’t revolve your life around just studying but balance everything else like family, friends, hobbies, and time to chill.

-Lymiy Chrean, Grade 9 Top 1

For those who are star-ting the sixth grade this school year 2021-2022, they have to study a lot, do not play a lot, focus on studying, listen to the teacher and always do your homework.

– Soun Sovann

Visaybon Sophana, Grade 11 Top 5

Soun Sovan, Grade 5ATop 3

The advice I would give to students who will be in Grade 4 next year is you should listen to the teacher, find a space with good internet and no noisy background like people walking back and forth and find a space that makes you motivated to do work, and study.

To grade 10s, don’t skip the classes like Math, Physics, and Chemistry because what you are studying now are the fundamental things that you need to know for grade 11 but if you are really tired, stressed out, and have no time then go relax for a bit in the class that you won’t be needing in life.

The advice I would give to the students who will be in this class next year is don’t waste your time on other stuff that won’t make you grow. Time is short and you only have 1 more year left as a high school student, so let’s try our best to learn new skills. This is the best time to learn because when you graduate from high school, you will become a campus student and you

won’t have much free time since you will have to work and study at the same time. Studying on-line can be challenging for you but if you take some extra time to review the lessons every day, get rid of disturbing things, ask and research when you don’t under-stand something, you will become a genius.

Boronn Chesda Pisey, Grade 11 top 2

– Techsean Srun, Grade 10 Top 1

“Time is short so let’s try our best to learn new skills.”

– Boronn

As a student, the pandemic has taught me that without your friends being there for you, there will be a lack of motivation to do anything. I had to learn to push myself and do things that I really enjoy without the influence of my friends.

Techsean Srun, Grade 10 Top 1

Being a student during a pandemic taught me to be flexible and learn to thrive even during hard times. It showed that no matter how hard things will get, we shouldn’t use it as an excuse not to do our best, and instead to find a way to use it to our advantage to help us grow.

Lymiy Chrean, Grade 9 Top 1

Being a student during a pandemic taught me to experience new things, be more active, not to give up when things get hard, and I learned to solve the problems that I am struggling with.

Sin Villiya,Grade 5A Top 1

Techsean Srun received his certificate during the awarding ceremony.

Sin Villiya received her certificate from Mr. Sokchea.

During the pandemic, I have learnt a lot. I have learnt how to join zoom classes, do online research, and use telegram. I will not be worried if a pandemic happens again.

Studying during the pandemic wasn’t easy although it has opened many doors of opportunities for me to grow as a person and it made me study by myself at home. Furthermore, I believe it has taught me the possibility of all the great things that could happen through technology.

Being a student during a pandemic taught me that time never stops, life never pauses, and “Now” is the time to do everything I need to do to improve myself. Even if every school had to be suspended, it didn’t

mean time would also be paused, so if I wanted to do something, I couldn’t keep wasting my time waiting for the situation to get better. It taught me to be self-disciplined, flexible, persis-tent, resilient, have integrity

During this COVID 19
situation, I learned how to work harder more than I studied at school and to do research using the social media. We also have different environments around us not only online class like friends, family, society, the internet etc.

– Chim SokchanBreuksa,

Grade 3A Top 2