Education During the Pandemic.......Resiliencency

What are the main challenges related to online learning?

                                    The main challenges during this online learning have been not being productive like I did in school and being lazy.                   During virtual classes, I sometimes don’t understand the lesson at all. It’s hard because you study near your bed and your parents don’t         understand your schedule, so they let us do house works. It’s not like I don’t want to do it but I don’t have time to do it. I realized that                when we’re studying online, teachers tend to put more work than they usually do. It’s kind of a problem, which makes some students               lazier and not motivated.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Sarina Lakshmi

               The main challenges for me related to online learnings are:

            I lack effective communication skills. (I felt shy to communicate with teachers and friends and I don’t like to turn on the camera)

            I have a lot of work and some teachers gave a lot of lessons for students to write down.

            Sometimes there’s slow internet connection.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           – Lida Hoeun  


take every  Challenge as a Problem,

Take every Problem as a


Miss Sunshine teaching Grade 7 students via Zoom Meeting.

                           Online learning has been a new experience, so I found it hard to deal with. I always feel left out and lonely when I study from home. It was also hard for me to focus on the lessons during the classes. It was easy for me to come up with excuses for not studying hard because I would choose to do something that made me happy rather than being stressed. When I tried to focus on a lesson, there was always something else that caught my attention. Sometimes, I had to deal with internet connection issues. There were many times that I got tempted to cheat and skip classes since no one would see me. Spending too much time on screen every day has also affected my eyes.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  – Boronn Chesda Pisey 

“We don’t

grow when

things are

easy; we

grow when we

face challenges.”

     The main challenge for me during online studying are the lack of motivation and the overwhelming amount of distraction that I have experienced around me, especially technology like computers and phones.

                                             -Lymiy Chrean

                The main challenges of online learning for me are staying productive, focusing in class and technical issues.


                                 – Sereyboth Chanthy

              My grades went down a little bit because I couldn’t focus as much as I do at school. Also, the atmosphere at home isn’t as nice and comfortable as I am in school.

SoPanha Seong, Grade 10

“When you face difficult times, know that challenges are not sent to destroy you. They are sent to promote, increase and strengthen you.”

Grade 10 students’ presentation discussing education during the pandemic. Somary Chea is discussing the team’s response to what keeps them motivated during online classes.

           The thing that has helped me to persevere through these challenges is myself. It’s because when those things happened, I say to myself to keep calm and find  solutions to solve the problems such as telling others to stop disturbing me when I’m studying.

                                                                     SoPanha Seong

                    Being able to wake up early is one of the major reasons that helped me to focus during classes and to stay productive while the anxiety of failing tests kept me motivated.

                                                           – Sereyboth Chanthy

Christina Chel, Grade 11

                The thing that helped me persevere through these challenges and helped me to stay motivated is myself because, no one will help you to get through this if you don’t help yourself first. It is challenging of course but, in the future, you will be able to see the bright side. I always try to motivate myself when I’m having a hard time or when I really want to give up on something by       

remembering that “Every day is a new day, you will get through this, believe in yourself and in the future, you will achieve what you want. So, tomorrow wake up with a good morning.” I’m someone who has a lot dreams so to make those dreams come true I need to study hard and work hard because it’s REALLY worth it!

                                                                      – Sarina Lakshmi

             I often remind myself that even if I finish this school year, it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of my learning career, so I need to strive to learn what we’re learning now.      I see it as a stepping stone to more advanced lessons. If I understand what the teacher is teaching us now, I’ll be able to learn other things related to the lesson more easily.

                                                                                                                           – Lymiy Chrean      

Priscilla Brathna, Grade 12