Promote the Love of Reading

First national story telling competition organized by EDPUB Education Solutions—Cambodia. 

Another milestone indeed! On 4th of September 2021, one of our students in Grade 4 won the first-place award in the 1st National English Storytelling Competition. The said competition promotes every student in Cambodia to love and enjoy reading, that we believe it helps us to fight the disease of ignorance in us. Allow me to introduce the student behind this success: Chrean Kimsovichea is a Grade 4 student of Golden Valley Academy of HOPE Worldwide. Looking back during his first days in school, he possesses interest in reading and is always spotted holding a book during break time and he is always excited to go to the library whenever there is a library session in their schedule.

– Miss Khara Grade 3 and 4 English Teacher

The picture above shows Sovichea doing the storytelling of “The Country Mouse and The Town Mouse” and the picture on the right are the characters of the story he drew.

Here’s a part of Sovichea statement during the award ceremony:“I’m very grateful that I can be part of this competition. I’m glad that I got the first place. It means a lot to me. I think this competition is good because I can challenge and improve myself. I think to encourage reading, we should start by reading many books ourselves so that we can tell how great reading is. We should start by reading things what we are interested in. I would like to say “Highlights Library” really helped me improve my reading skills because there are many interesting books that I like. That’s what keeps me improving my reading skills. “  

– Chrean KimSovichea

Above shows a picture during the award ceremony of EDPUB via Zoom while the picture on the left shows Sovichea receiving the certificate in EDPUB’s office.

SPORTS during the Pandemic

SPORTS during the Pandemic

I have the privilege to be a part of the school’s volleyball team. Volley-ball is a sport that I enjoy for fun. Moreover, I can also bring glory to the school, my parents and myself. Volleyball has taught me so much about teamwork, leader-ship and patience. For instance, when I practice volleyball, I need to be in sync with others. I need to listen to the teacher and my teammates. There are many good players out there, but our team’s attitude towards problems gives us an edge. We apologize when we make mistakes and forgive our teammates when they make mistakes. Because of the sport, I was able to get out of my comfort zone and become stronger. Lately, the pandemic has gotten in the way of us coming to school, hence we  have stopped practicing volleyball. Though I haven’t touched the ball since then, the passion is still in me and I hope to get onto the field real soon. I really do miss all the fun and memories made with my teammates.

Christina Chel Grade 11

“Volleyball has taught me so much about teamwork, leadership and patience.”- Christina

Christina preparing to return the ball to the other team.

GVA volleyball team practicing for an upcoming event before the lockdown.