Education during the Pandemic

What are the highlights of School Year 2020-2021?

               I would say that the 2020-2021 school year was amazing in its own way. But I would say that being able to go to school at the start of the school year, really is something that sparks the school year. Contrary to what I’ve just said, I also enjoyed learning at home online. I would say that I’m not as motivated as I was at school. But I think the free time that I have during classes at home is very different from what I have in school. During those free times, I can do things that I can’t do in school. Like searching about things. I’m curious about or letting my mind wander so I can have new ideas.

Lymiy Chrean, Grade 9

           My highlights of the 2020-2021 school year are: I could finally file for change of school to Golden Valley Academy successfully and to study with my friends and teachers. In this school year, I experienced both studying online and studying face to face in school. I went to a karate championship competition and I won second and third place for two different categories. During this school year, I got a chance to invest in myself by working and studying at the same time. I finally got out of my comfort zone and I felt like I’m an adult. When I finally went back to studying at school, I thought that everything will be back to normal until Covid-19 broke out once again. I took an IELTS class online. I tried my best to overcome all of my challenges in studying online and changed my bad habits. In addition, I’m so grateful that I got a good result on my final exam after a hard work and integrity.

Boronn Chesda Pisey Grade 11

Boronn answering an activity during online class.

Boronn answering an activity during online class.

How has education been affected by Covid-19?

My education has been affected by Covid-19 in both positive and negative ways. Due to the widespread outbreak of Covid-19, schools are now teaching students virtually. Virtual learning is definitely less pressuring and a bit easier than normal learning. It’s easier because I have a lot more time on my hands and I feel more comfortable in my own home. Other than that, I have also noticed that my mood is more positive thus I am able to focus better during class. However, studying virtually makes it harder for me to understand lessons, therefore, my studying is not going well as what I wished.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sereyboth Chanthy Grade 9

“… My teachers and the school have done their best to provide us the best way to study and have fun in class this year.”

– Lymiy Chrean

The pandemic doesn’t have that big of an effect on me I would say. Online classes are not the same as offline cla-sses when you have classes at school but my teachers and the school have done their best to provide us the best way to study and have fun in class this year. Some teachers provide us with games to revise what we’ve learned, others let us watch videos in order to get a better idea of the lesson, and some let us work on projects together online.

-Lymiy Chrean

Lida Hoeun Grade 10

Covid-19 has affected my education by making me feel lonely and bored when studying at home. Sometimes we have a problem with the internet, I can’t join the class or I can’t pay attention to the teacher.

Oern Panhayuth, Grade 12 Taking notes during online class.

The education during covid-19 seems to be really tough for me and also every student around the world. During this time, I started to realize a lot of things about myself and others. Many of us have no self-discipline, which means that whenever we feel lazy and don’t want to pay attention to the teacher, we do other stuff like watching YouTube or playing games. We don’t care about building good habits or schedules for ourselves and the future. Few people really care about doing their homework but for some they don’t feel like doing it and sometimes end up turning in the work late. Occasionally, students don’t attend classes. Online classes are very difficult for teachers and students because in science subject there are some parts of the lesson that we skipped because it needed to be done in class. For example, science experiments. I prefer to study future because the school environment is better than at home and it’s also easier to do group projects

Bidaliya Ngor Grade 7

Teacher Loch Sotheany with Grade 7 students.

“Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.” – Jonas Salk

I’m really sad about COVID 19 because it killed many people. When there was COVID my mom told me to stay home every day and I couldn’t go out to buy things. I had to order some food and things. When COVID cases were low, there was a typhoon and caused flooding. After the typhoon, there were high COVID cases again. We have to learn online. We started to go to school when there were low COVID cases but we have to study online again. We all have to wear masks all the time. For one day, you have to wear 3-4 masks.

Phuyi Tan Grade 5

Ever since the lockdown started, schools around the world closed so everyone started to do online classes. The online classes aren’t really that bad but honestly, I felt really alone at home. I really prefer studying in school because I can hear the teacher perfectly. When I study online, my internet connection can be unstable so I might have some problems hearing my teacher. COVID-19 is already spreading worldwide, so everyone needs to observe social distancing and wear masks. I know it’s difficult to fight but we will get through this together.

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– Sivai

Reaksa, Grade 6, doing work during online class.
Tepy, Grade 7, concentrating on online activities.

When the world was hit by corona virus, my school closed and we studied at home. We have been using zoom and telegram to study. It’s very hard for me because when we use zoom, some students don’t study and some leave the class. Some-times I don’t feel like studying. Sometimes we play our phones and do things we want to do.

Khom SambathRaksa Grade 5

I was worried about COVID-19. I’m not happy that COVID-19 has affected the world. Even though there is COVID-19, we can still study using zoom. It’s really hard for me but I never give up.



Pheach Tevi Grade 5

Grade 3 taking their monthly test during the face-to-face learning.

In response to Covid-19, I have seen a lot of changes from teachers and school. Teachers really try their best to teach us even though there are obstacles like electricity cuts, WIFI not working, no response from students and cameras turned off. They never gave up on us. Even if it’s hard for the school during this pandemic, they still did what’s best for teachers, students and parents. For example, teachers were provided with equipment to teach online, students were informed effectively and parents invited to parent-teacher conferences which allowed parents to ask questions, complain or give ideas.  To all teachers, I want to say that you guys really are really strong and thank you for teaching us even in this difficult time.

Sarina Lakshmi Grade 10

“Even if it’s hard for the school during this pandemic, they still did what’s best for teachers,  students and parents.”

– Sarinalakshmi

In response to Covid-19, schools are now teaching students virtually to avoid physical contact and teachers can now explain lessons easier using the internet through sharing their screens. I have also seen a change in their teaching methods. They don’t write lessons using the board, but instead they just give a file of the lessons to copy depending on the teacher, therefore, they get to chat with us a little more and we get a more detailed explanation of the current lesson during class.

– Sereyboth Chanthy

Ly Pichmonoroth Grade 12 copying the lesson for the day.