What I like the most about Golden Valley Academy of HOPE Worldwide

My passion to learn English, strengthening my religious faith and my dedication to embrace the Khmer culture are only a few reasons why my parents wanted me to study at Golden Valley Academy. I can say, that it molds me holistically and makes me a better person. Thank you to my GVA family, my second home.

Chinne SophaLisa Grade 6A

Unity among GVA staff in building the school.

It has been a privilege to witness the birth of Golden Valley Academy, made possible by the faith, love and sacrifice of the Kim family and other donors, the members of the Board, Mr. Sokchea and many others who have worked tirelessly to continue the legacy started many years ago – of empowering Cambodian youth through quality education.  I feel honored to be a part of the faculty and to serve alongside dedicated teachers and to interact daily with young, inquisitive minds that show so much promise. 

Laetetia Van Waesberghe English Teacher

Being a part of a school, which started during the pandemic is really challenging. Things are uncertain and there is no security. However, I really thank God and I appreciate what I witnessed. I saw unity, friendship, hope, love, faith and a family even if we are not blood related. I am happy and blessed to be a part of GVA family.

Sunshine Bulayo English Teacher


Virtual meeting with Frank and Erica Kim, the vice-president and president of the Board in addition to being donors to the school.

Three things I like the most about GVA are the moral values, friendly colleagues and staff and the environment that makes me feel at HOME! I’ve been teaching Khmer for 16 years. Every year is a learning experience for me. I love my students and all the staff here at GVA.

Ms. Marilou Cabigkis English Teacher

– Kong Nary Grade 3 Khmer Teacher

As head of the school security, I make sure that everyone is safe whenever they are inside and outside the school premises. “Safety First” is our main priority. Generally, I supervise all the school services and staff to make our school safe and friendly to our learners.

– Pak Tharith Head of Security

“Safety First” is our main concern.

– Tharith

Like any other school, GVA has great facilities, school supplies, teacher and students. It’s a very clean place with a great environment for studying and for your health as well. But what has made GVA a great school for me is how they teach you more than just regular subjects. They teach you moral lessons for you to have a good

attitudes and to be respectful and honest. And they also teach you to be creative and to have the determination necessary to achieve your goals. And not only that they also teach you some useful and important life lessons which I think can be very helpful to you someday. All in all, GVA is a place full of wonderful students

who you can befriend and have fun with, learn together and help each other. It’s a place where you can learn, experience new things and where you can so-cialize with others, have fun, and feel comfortable.



Vey PichMaliny Grade 7