History of GVA

Golden Valley Academy of HOPE worldwide is a Non-Government Organization founded in 2020 through the vision and support of the Kim Foundation.  The Kim Foundation’s vision is to educate and raise up young men and women who will go on to do many great things for their country. Despite the fact that GVA is a private institution, we still adhere to the Cambodian Ministry of Education and therefore offer a Khmer curriculum. With this, our students are held to the same guidelines

of education as the Cambodian government schools. Therefore, they are required to take and pass various national examinations throughout their learning time in order for them to acquire Cambodian diploma.

While GVA provides this Khmer curriculum set by the Cambodian Ministry of Education Youth and Sports, we take pride in inculcating our students with good values, ethics and morals to our students. Aside from this,

we offer additional educational programs which include English, Computer Literacy, Physical Education, and a moral teaching class to thoroughly equip students. GVA promotes honesty, helps build self-confidence and does not tolerate any type of corruption at school. We strive to support all students and staff to ensure that students receive not only a high-quality education but that they also learn good ethics.

Mrs. Erica and Mr. Frank Kim (Golden Valley Academy board and donors) with their family.